Mr. Roofer is more than just a roofing company. We offer complete services for home remodeling projects. In addition to expert roofing, and siding replacement, Mr. Roofer also offers painting services.

​When you choose Mr. Roofer as your professional house painter, you know you’re getting a locally owned and operated company with one of the highest ratings for customer service. We pay attention to the little details on every project we do to make sure that you are completely satisfied. Our crew is prompt, professional and trustworthy. They will treat your home as if it were their own, taking care to keep their space clean and well kept.

​Protection - Paint protects your home's exterior from the elements. Paint protects wood from the Sun's damaging ultraviolet light. Paint protects wood from moisture that can lead to rot. Paint protects your home from wood loving insects. Finally, by protecting your house's exterior, paint protects your real estate investment.

Home Value - People do not like to see flaking paint on a house. People don't like to see water bubbles under paint. People do like freshly painted houses. And people value a house with a nice paint job significantly higher than a house in need of painting. Its simple really. People will pay more for what they like, and walk away from the rest.

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Painting Services

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